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Faye Rolph offers a range of talented and versatile performers to suit every need. 

Our performers are divided into four service categories, however many performers belong to a number of these categories. 


If you need beautiful people to accentuate the products or services of your company let us help you. Not only do we offer some of the freshest new models, each model is trained and professional, from children through seniors. Male or female, Faye Rolph has an extensive range of catwalk and photographic models to suit your needs. 


If enthusiastic, talented and professional actors are what you need then take your pick. 

All of our actors have either comprehensive experience and/or have trained with some of Queensland's and Australia's leading institutions. We boast male and female actors of all ages, in theatre or cinema. We can help you find exactly whom you need for that role. 

Commercial Faces

At Faye Rolph we have an eye for catching that face or that look with unmistakable yet indescribable quality. These are our commercial faces. Talented and trained performers for use in both television commercials or film. 

Background Extras 

We have background extras of all ages, so whether you need a newborn, someone who's 2 or 82, Corporate employee, Tradie, Farmer, Mum, Dad or a grandparent we have talent suitable for all your needs. We represent people with all looks, shapes and sizes from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. 

Promotional Team

Do you have a product launch or similar event on the horizon? Then you need a professional and bright promotion team to make your event or product shine. Personality and training allows our team to be both spirited and professional. Each team is selected by you and briefed to maximize exposure for your product and event. 

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