There are certain requirements with regards to size, height, measurements and age set by the industry clients. Please see below all the categories. 

Fashion/Runway Model


Size        6 - 10   
Waist     no more than (36-24-36) (86-61-86) 
Height   173cm/5'8 - 183cm/6' 
Age        15 - 24                                                                                    


Chest    91cm/36" - 102cm/40"

Waist     70cm/28" - 82cm/32"

Height   180cm/5'11 - 191cm/6'3

Age        18 - 32

Commercial Model


Size        8 - 10 

Waist     70cm/28" - 82cm/32"    
Height   165cm/5'6 - 183cm/6'  
Age        15 - 30  


Chest     97cm/38" - 112cm/44"

Waist     76cm/30' - 92cm/36'

Height   175cm/5'9 - 191cm/6'3

Age        15 - 35

Commercial Talent

Males and females
No set requirements for measurements
All age/shapes and sizes
Outgoing and friendly personality

Child Models and Actors

Males and females
Ages      4 - 14
No set measurement requirements

Background Extras

Males and females
All ages
All shapes and sizes

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